Tim Au-Yeung was born in Montreal. Moving to Oakville in 1978 and then Toronto in 1994, Tim studied at the School of Interior Design at Ryerson University.

His love of art combined with his drawing skills, his fascination with lowbrow art and his thirst for storytelling, legends and the mythical world have propelled him to this unique portrayal of the people and settings he has connected with.

Initially attracted by the intricacies and legends of Canada’s Northwest Coast, specifically Haida art and more specifically the nature of the art itself, Tim developed a strong connection to the people, their stories and the land. This series resonated with his audience and led to commissioned work for Google’s office in Toronto and the David Suzuki Foundation.

Tim’s current work focuses on portraits in a style crossing Lowbrow with Comic book colour blocking. This technique is based on the sum of parts which includes, in some cases, certain complexities that are embedded into the painting. For this reason, the paintings are often not titled (or not with the person's name), leaving the viewer to look beyond the colour blocks and to discover the clues allowing him or her to piece together the identity of the person portrayed.